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"Unity in diversity” is a good definition of a community. 


Unity in Diversity.   It is the simplest of principles.  It is the most difficult of principles.

Unity  does not mean uniformity. Unity is oneness despite of.

Diversity is variety, assorted or a mix of different elements. Lalake , babae, binabae o binalaki , mayaman man o mahirap, pangit o maganda, matalino o mahina….pag nagkakaisa, dulot ay kaunlaran at kapayapaan.

Can you still remember having heard someone saying "the more the merrier”  or  " more heads are better than one”,  at isa pa "one for all, all for one”.

Unity in diversity is a slogan celebrating co-operation between different groups of people in a single society .  

Further, Peace is a state of harmony among united  individuals  and the absence of  violence and misunderstanding.


 Martin Luther King Jr, Peace advocate

"  It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it.              

And it isn't enough to believe in it.  One must work at it."

o    Eleanor Roosevelt,

Kami po na mga miyembro ng Lupong Tagapamayapa ng  Barangay Vicente Hizon, Sr. ay naniniwala at nanumpa na mag-kaiba man ang ating mga lahi, kultura, prinsipyo o kakayahan,  kami ay handang tumulong  para  lahat tayo ay magkaintindihan, patungo sa kapayapaan.

Sometimes we receive the most important and meaningful messages, such as inspiration to do goodwill and promote peace, from unlikely sources. In this case, incarcerated men do just that. Accused murderers, rapists and drug dealers in a maximum security prison became UNITED  in spite of a very discouraging situation and conditions, and its apparent DIVERSITY of culture .

Two years ago, a video of 1,500 dancing prisoners from Cebu, Philippines in orange jumpsuits doing a beat-for-beat remake of Michael Jackson's classic video "Thriller" was the ultimate viral video. It's funny and weird, and the exotic location -- Cebu Prison -- adds to its appeal.

"The late Michael Jackson saw the Cebu dancing inmates on YouTube and enjoyed them immensely. During rehearsals, we would watch and he would get tremendous joy,” Jackson’s world-famous choreographer, Travis Payne, told ABS-CBN Correspondent and Anchor Karen Davila. 


Payne, along with two of Jackson’s backup dancers, went to Cebu and taught the inmates at the Cebu  Prison  a dance routine to the tune of  "THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US” by the late Michael Jackson.


The off-the-wall performance of 1,500 dancing inmates in Cebu has been listed by Time Magazine as among the ten most watchable Internet videos for 2007.


The inmates in this maximum security prison have something more to celebrate.
They have shown the world that a restorative justice approach to penal systems - versus the traditional punitive justice - holds the power to transform individuals.


Rehabilitation and helping inmates to right mistakes and contribute to society in any positive way whatsoever  is a giant leap  with the HOPE of attaining PEACE!!!


As the wheel of JUSTICE takes its course, the inmates danced in UNISON for the whole world to see.  And, we knew from our hearts, there is hope for a peaceful tomorrow!


To all of us who are here this morning…let’s think about this…..


If they can get their acts together towards PEACE,  we  must do no less!


AGAIN,  bilang  kinatawan ng Lupong Tagapamayapa ng Barangay Hizon…..

sa ngalan ng pagkakaisa patungo sa kapayapaan…  this is our message!


So, here they are... be entertained, enjoy and let’s all   GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!!!