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During merry-making  in this "season of all seasons”, there were not just 5 golden rings or 6 geese a laying...(c'mon sing it...) but more, found in our barangay!

The Barangay Hizon Christmas party finally pushed thru at the rooftop of the Barangay Hall last  Dec. 17, Saturday. The celebration was led by Kapitan Ralph Abella and the Kagawads , together with Kap's wife, the beauteous Hon. Councilor Marissa Abella. It was well-attended by functionaries and guests.

The occasion was made more festive with various activities where nobody went home empty-handed nor spared with a souvenir shot from the Photo Booth (or else, you have missed Santa J).

Christmas presentation from functionaries, parlor games, parol contest and Councilor Marissa’s  sponsored   "mimic the dance" contest, featuring Kap Ralph and the Kagawads in animated dance, to the tune of Feliz Navidad, made everyone ecstatic.

The Purok Leaders Unit was the hands-down winning group in both the  Christmas Presentation and mimic- the -dance contests.  


Lupon Tagapamayapa and Health Workers came in 2nd and 3rd , respectively, in the group presentation..

Sonny Intia, my co-host for the night  was simply excellent and wowed the crowd with his antics. 

He also bagged the 1st Place with his parol entry  made of "ginit” patronizing our very own. 2nd prize went to Health-workers with their very creative use of items like pills,condoms,etc. , and the 3rd Prize went to Good Governance with Kgwd. Lor Capisos explaining the beauty of the star that led the 3 kings to Child Jesus.

A 20-inch diameter wall clock was  turned-over to Kap Ralph by Kgwd. Lor, Rudy Abellana and yours truly, as Brgy. Hizon Tourism Council way of sending a message that its only "TIME who knows how great love is – meaning,  love to serve the barangay is never, and will never be, a futile exercise, for TIME brings all good works down to history and in the memories of many.  Early on, this was also the same message sent by Tes and Sonny, hosts of the night, who lip-synch the song "Price Tag”.

The Night was even made more colorful with the Door Prizes from the Abella Family – Cash, Rice and a Cellphone- to all the winners’ delight.  "Very Generous Couple”, indeed.

Further, If I have to put in words the pictures I would like to capture from each Kagawad in an un-restrained gathering like last night, with only one rule and that is , to enjoy – it would be these:

Kgwd . Eric Talili was a cool –dude and could have won the "Gentleman of the Night” & "Mr. Congeniality”, for having obliged many poses for a picture taking  & personally engaging with everyone around.

 Kgwd. Lor Capisos, my brgy. mentor and Tourism boss , must be the "Ever-Diligent "&  "Senior Talent of the Night”, for taking his task seriously, having worked with us in the décor and arrangement of the party hall from morning until afternoon , lending us with  a Christmas Tree and big , big lantern,  giving cues for the inserts in the program proper and more, yet managed to belt out a song for everybody.  

Kgwd. Delfin  Compoc was the "Bagets of the Night” with his looks and aura accented with "pink” sneakers and  introducing playful parlor games,  almost everyone can relate.. 


Kgwd Leo Digal, was the "Promising Photographer”  subtly taking pics on the sides from time to time, while preparing an apple with a lot of chili for another  game.  

Kgwd. Tita Santander, I’d say, was the "Blooming Rose” wearing a vibrant orange that denotes warmth.


Kgwd. Boy Uy, was "Mr. Calm”,  like someone in a deep thought  but sending a message of celebration wearing his red top .

Oohhh… we missed Kgwd. Pepe, but to my mind he could have been "Mr.  Smiles”,  with his un-assuming  aura of old romance (he sings  well ala -Sinatra), and killer smiles.

Brgy.Sec. Red Nartates  was the  "Executive of the Night” wearing his long sleeves polo ,  checking attendance, taking pictures and very composed all thru-out, like his role as one of the Kings finding his way to the manger. Have a great vacay Sec.

Lastly, an accolade for "service and cooperation” is in order -for showing up, even if I only gave an overnight notice to turn the barangay hall rooftop into a  Christmas Hall- goes to:  Sonny Intia,  Letty Narisma, Lalay Ajero, Glorythel, Ruel and friend Gigi Sajol (wife of Jimmy) and Sec. Red with Alice joining us in the afternoon. Of course Kagawad Lor and the artist in him, kept us company the whole day!  THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

It was a night to remember...and TIME will see us through.


 (Hope you didn’t forget to have a pic taken at the Photo Booth.)




By: tezadel



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