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Main » 2011 » October » 3 » MANAGEMENT REVIEW & RECOGNITION!
12.58 PM

The Monthly Management Review and Recognition for the month of October was held last October 3, 2011 at the barangay hall rooftop or third floor. This is a monthly affair of the barangay scheduled every first Monday of the Month to report the accomplishments of the different committees and all functionaries by their respective president or head, reviewed by the body and any exemplary accomplishments are given due recognition.


The Lupong Tagapamayapa was the sponsor or host team for this month's activity meaning all the preparation from cleaning the venue up to the program proper. Clad on their  new uniform (blue), they all look demure and sophisticated and of course they should not to be mistaken as drivers of the blue taxi.


As part of the program, the members of the Barangay Governance Performance Measurement System (BGPMS) and Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council were inducted into office by Officer In-Charge Kagawad Erico R. Talili in the absence of the Punong Barangay Ralph O. Abella.


The Buhangin Sr. Citizen Federation Chapter Presidents headed by its Federation President Mr. Renato Capangpangan were also present as guests to join the flag raising ceremony in commemoration to the adoption of our national flag, instead of them joining at the City Hall.


The birthday celebrants for the month of October were also given a birthday bash by the sponsoring team, the Lupong Tagapamayapa through singing happy birthday songs and giving away tokens from the contributions among its members.


The celebrants who were called at the front were later joined by the whole group in merry making by dancing to the beat of an action song "deep, deep, deep".

One of the new member of the Lupon, Mr. Wenifredo C. Gorrez was also inducted to office with all the Lupon Members rallying behind him in full support and  showing their wholehearted gesture of acceptance to the newcomer.


It was a well coordinated effort by the Lupong Tagapamayapa headed by Tezadel, the host team that made the affair a very successful one and almost precise in time schedule. It started at 8:22 a.m. and ended up at 10:29 a.m. that runs with only 7 minutes over the 2 hours time allocated.

The THEME: "UNITY IN DIVERSITY, FOR A PEACEFUL COMMUNITY”  OR "PAGKAKAISA   NG SARI-SARING URI, PARA SA MAPAYAPANG KOMUNIDAD"  was expounded by Ms. Tes del Rosario by giving a simile, the inmates of Cebu Rehabilitation Center. Although Unity in Diversity according to her, is the simplest principle yet it is also the most difficult of the principles. But no matter how diverse, for as long as everyone cares for one another, one reinforcing the weakness of others it can be done.

In the end the famous You Tube video of the inmates was shown with standing ovation from the it not?   

It is also worth mentioning the unselfish effort of Mandy who made a solemn rendition of the invocation song "Healing" by Jed Madela. Mandy is from Lizada Village of this barangay working at Caltex Station as Cashier and he was the second runner-up winner during the Amateur Singing Contest sponsored by the Barangay. He took an hour undertime from his job just to attend the program. 


He only started practicing the song a day before under the tutelage of Tes del Rosario and Sec Red but he made an astonishing performance, giving it all, not witholding anything to bring back the talent God had given him. Thank you Mandy and Congrats! You are on the way to stardom should you continue polishing your God given talent - your good voice! Sec Red  
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