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Main » 2011 » September » 22 » Lizada Dog Vaccination!
2.46 PM
Lizada Dog Vaccination!

The 4th of the series of dog vaccination was conducted at Lizada Village this barangay last September 22, 2011.

The same team from the City Veterinarian Office spearheaded the vaccination, assisted by some BHW's and being supervised by the Chairman of the Committee on Health & Social Services Kagawad Erico R. Talili.


Louis Pasteur is regarded as one of the greatest saviors of humanity, and was responsible of the discovery of pasteurization.

by Dr. Hani (2010)

Pasteur's systematic methods of research, scientific approach and insight revolutionized science. The volume of his medical achievements marks him as the single most important figure in the history of medicine. He made numerous discoveries but he is best remembered for his advocacy of the germs theory and advancement in the causes and prevention of disease.


Development of vaccine against rabies or hydrophobia was the last and the most famous success in the long career of Pasteur’s research. Rabies attacked the nervous system and it was considered a dreadful disease for its symptoms and treatment.

At first, Even Pasteur failed to find and isolate the germ, but with his excellent experimental method he built an invisible micro-organism to attenuate the virulence. He used the micro-organism to rabbit marrow successfully. Then, for the first time on July 6th, 1885 he treated 9-years old Joseph Meister with his anti-rabies vaccine and the kid recovered perfectly. This milestone transformed Pasteur into a legend. Sec Red

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