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Main » 2013 » December » 3 » Anti-Filariasis Drug Administration
11.34 AM
Anti-Filariasis Drug Administration

Barangay Vicente Hizon Sr. through its Barangay Health Workers recently conducted an anti-Filariasis Drug Administration lat November 7, 14, 19, 21 & 26, 2013.


The administering of anti-filarial drugs was done door-to –door to all  the residents of  this barangay. The strategy for eliminating transmission of filariasis is mass distribution of medicines that kill the microfilariae and stop transmission of the parasite by mosquitoes in endemic communities.


Filiariasis is a parasitic disorder and globally considered to be a Neglected Tropical Disease – a group of ailments prevalent in poorly developed tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is a major health concern in backward countries with the diagnosis being done only at the later stages of the disorder.


Like any other infection, the parasitic illness also causes fever, chills and uneasiness in the initial stage. However, an affected individual can come to know of the condition only when the other symptoms begin to appear. The clinical presentation vary according to the specific type of the disorder.


At the helm of this activity, is the Chairman of the Committee of Health and Social services, Kagawad Erico R. Talili with the full support of Punong Barangay Ralph O. Abella and all members of the Council. Sec Red

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